It’s BABY Time!


Spring is the time for baby’s on the farm! It is one of the busiest and most fun times of the year. Are they girls? Do we get to name them? Or are they boys and get a number? This is one of the ways I deal with who has to go eventually. Yes, girls have to go sometimes too, but I know pretty quick whether I am allowed to get attached or not. For instance, I have a young heifer (Bernadette) whose mother surprised us all last year and gave us a calf on December 18, when she was slotted for the sale barn if she did not calf by the next spring calving season. Although I knew it would happen if she didn’t give us a calf, I also have a soft spot for her, so I was really happy when she did, even if it was the wrong time of the year. Bernadette and I like talking to each other when we get quiet time. Which doesn’t happen very often because all the other cows like us, especially if they think I might have a treat somewhere in my pockets. Anyway she gave us a beautiful  little heifer who is turning out just like Bernadette. Not pushy, just happy to come stand or lay by the fence when we are working close by.  So we named her Brownie…And I get to keep her!IMG_7633b


While I already have chickens…this is the year I will decide what heritage or rare breed I will begin to breed here on the farm. I have narrowed my choices down to Wyandotte, Brahma, or Cochin. I have raised and love the Wyandotte and Cochin, but I like the size of the Brahma, and I hear it is a gentle breed as well. Let me know if you have any breeds you would suggest!


And turkeys! I simply cannot make up my mind what breed of turkeys I want to raise! There are some beautiful rare breeds out there that are just stunning.  Maybe I can get an expert or two to give me some articles to post on this subject to help me make up my mind!

Hogs. I am not quite ready for hogs this year…too much fence to fix for the livestock I have already, but I am trying to do some research about the Tamworth. I really do not want to have to confine them, and want a hog that can be safely run in a pasture type environment and this so far seems like the best choice for me. They do not mature as quickly from what I understand, but if the winter feed bill is lower, they will probably be worth the wait.

Please send me your comments and suggestions if you have any ideas on what the best breed of hog would be for me! Turkeys too!