Growing Your Own Garden Veggie’s And Why You Should!

Let’s talk nutrition, Specifically Enzymes!

Metabolic Enzymes

  • The main function of metabolic enzymes is to build, rejuvenate, and repair the cells in your body. Metabolic enzymes also are capable of digesting nutrients that haven’t been fully broken down to their smallest possible ionic size.


  • When the metabolic enzymes get involved in digesting these undigested particles, repairing the body becomes secondary.


Digestive Enzymes

  • Enzymes are found in raw food and in particular, raw vine ripened food.
  • So if this raw food is picked green and ripened as most of what we eat is, it has about 10% of the enzymes it would normally have. Vine ripened food is what we need to get the enzymes we need and frankly we just don’t get enough of that food out of our gardens and in particular during the cold months of the year.
  • Practically all of our food is cooked and there are no enzymes in cooked food… There are no enzymes in processed foods. This means that our metabolic enzymes start converting to digestive enzymes and pulls them away from our immune system.


  • This happens because the human digestive system developed on a diet of raw foods containing active enzymes. Your body isn’t equipped to handle a diet of mostly cooked food. It causes us to age quicker and fall ill more often.


  • Have you ever noticed after a large meal that you feel the need to take a nap or just get really draggy, and have no energy? This happens because your body is converting metabolic enzymes to digestive enzymes, and has none left over to do its metabolic job.


And this is why I love to see people growing their own gardens! You get raw, nutrient and enzyme rich foods right at your fingertips! It is a health and longevity issue!