Ok so I got lost for a while didn’t I… after fighting with my gardens for half the summer trying to get them to produce, I realized I was going to have to make some adjustments. So I did some research before starting on my greenhouse, and decided I was going to put an aquaponics system in it. I knew I had the experience to go big right off the start, so we went to planning. I will go into more depth in other posts, but I just had to show you our work in progress!


We wanted the ability to grow our food organically, and year round, and use as organic a fertilizing environment as we could get


.(PS…do you like the photo bombs?)


. The strawberries and lettuce are the most content after their move, although the dwarf citrus trees are doing quite well too.


So I went ahead and moved the plants I could still save inside, we are very excited that it is working so smoothly. We are using a bell siphon system which worked out really well for the setup. Due to our climate and what we think we can manage temperature wise throughout the year, we actually sank the tank down into the ground and will be growing crappie,  we will definitely let you know how that works out. We knew in our climate, that it was easier to heat the water than cool it, so we planned on keeping the water temperature as cool as possible. What would you most want to grow year round if you could?

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