Today we are going to …..BOUNCE?


Garden Of Eden, Arborvitae( Native American), Our Lymphatic System

Everyone by now knows that I Love Plants. I love reading about plants too. So when it comes to the Tree Of Life you just know I want to learn as much as possible about it. The Tree of Life is a common symbol in many religions, and a bunch of trees are also called trees of life, but in my current studies I am having fun with one of them. Did you know that the Lymphatic system is called the Tree Of Life of the body? I didn’t either, but ever since I read that, I have been intrigued. These are some of the names for the Lymphatic system.

Tree of Life

Our Immune System

Our Circulatory System

Our Purification system

The Sewer System of the Body

Now, as someone who is constantly moving around, whether I want to or not (anyone who has a labor intensive job can relate), one would think that I get a healthy amount of exercise, but as I found out, there is one thing I don’t do much on the farm, and it is the one thing that keeps the lymphatic system running at peak energy. I can throw 50 pound feed bags around with the best of them, so it isn’t weight lifting. Having to chase down a chicken that does not want to be caught helps, but I don’t have to run every day, nor do I necessarily want to burn the calories.  I recently found out that , unlike the cardiovascular system, which is pumped by the heart, the lymphatic system must have muscle movement to circulate through the body, drop off nutrients where needed, and pick up toxins to flush on the way back. How did I not know that? Maybe because I couldn’t stand to cut the poor frog up in biology while it’s little heart was still pumping. Either way, I missed that part in school.

So what is the one thing I can do to keep the lymphatic system pumping?

I can bounce. Specifically, Jumping Jacks are simply amazing at getting energy and everything else moving in the body. So simple, and yet a few jumping jacks an hour is enough to keep the flow moving, so if you are like me and just don’t have desire to drive (30) miles to an exercise gym, (the chickens will not approve, but hay! You might need to chase a cow down one day), and it will pay off. Bounce!

For those of you who have not managed to leave that desk job yet for life in the great outdoors, or just aren’t able, bouncing in your chair can help as well.

Who would have thought reading about a tree could give you a new view of an exercise routine resurrected from our youth? I sure didn’t!




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