Life Finds a Way…

Jurassic Park…you remember that amazing piece of CGI that was all the rage when it first came out, and it is still popular today! Such a memorable quote from Jeff Goldblum in this iconic hit, but a quote that stayed with me throughout the years, so I thought I would take you on a picture journey of “Life Finding a Way” on my farm this year.

Bermuda is one of those plants that every gardener has a love-hate relationship with. An easy keep in the yard where it does not need to be mowed frequently,and fabulous forage for livestock, this little trooper can always find its way into a garden.

This poor bed has been neglected this spring,and is finally ready for our attention. Needless to say, manure, cured or not,  can replenish a bermuda supply quickly


As I said, Life finds a way!

Even the cat finds a way to spend time with me when it gets the chance!

This feisty little Mamma has found a way to keep cats from her nest…

This big beautiful beast has been removed from the vicinity of the house and outbuildings before, just goes to show we can always come back to our roots! A lovely way to say Never give up…Life always finds a way (if it wants it enough to go for  it)!



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